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the andersons story

andersons highland chef

Andersons is so much more than fine cooking and great venues. Our foundation is rooted in authentic, traditional hospitality with locals and visitors whom we love to call friends. Our guests come from all over the world and many are repeat clients.



Our genuine love of people and the stories that connect us on our unique adventures, create an experience saturated in love, friendship, and an appreciation for the beautiful elements that surround us throughout Scotland. 

Without question, Elaine’s old-fashioned upbringing has influenced her style and flair for connecting with people face-to-face, learning about their adventures and hearing interesting stories about their families. She’s more than a chef who cooks, she cooks with love, in every single dish.




At Andersons, we believe the kitchen is the heart of the family where you will also find my heart in fullest measure.


andersons highland chef

the andersons philosopy

Everything we do at Andersons is driven by our philosophy— “There are no sorrows when we break bread.” We believe we’re all on an adventure and no matter where that adventure starts or ends for each of us, when we break bread with our guests, there are no sorrows—only laughter, friendship, great food, and heart-warming stories.

As we prepare and garnish each dish, we do so with the intent to bring smiles to the faces of our guests. However long or short their time is with us, we want it to be remarkable, and unforgettable. We want them to lay their worries and sorrows aside and soak up the love and attention that we love to bestow upon them. Andersons is more than an event on a calendar, it is an experience that lingers in the heart.