Feb 8, 2021 | FABULOUS FOOD

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Its not just my human guests I form a lasting friendship with, I am also very fond of my four legged kitchen companions. They are all fondly remembered for their own unique characters. Like us humans they are not perfect and its sometimes through our imperfections we leave a lasting memory.

And so let me introduce Archie a young black labrador of 18 months in training destined to be a working gun dog and best friend to Elizabeth & Michael.

Organisation is the name of my game ,always planning ahead ensuring attention to detail & peace of mind. With dessert all sorted, I could lay that aspect to rest,my mind was at peace with the pudding or so I thought! My indulgent creation of a stack of profiteroles had been assembled and was left on top of the freezer in the chilled larder. Perfect and all ready to GO….

As Archie padded around my own paws our souls embraced the dinner dance. We chatted about his day as I mulled over mine. My guests were seated and the finest spread was about to grace their table. With each trip I made to the dinning room to ensure my guests had all they desired, I smiled as Archie never left my side,his jet black shiny cloak & dark faithful eyes shadowed me wherever I went.I had won a new buddy !

With starter out, increasing joyful laughter filled the house, dinner was well under way. Archies lovely owners very responsibly checked on him to ensure he was happy & not getting in the way. I was delighted to have his company as he seemed equally happy to enjoy mine. Main course now out & lovingly guided in every step by Archie my new best friend. I then proceeded to do a tidy up comfortable in the knowledge pudding was READY ! 

I had drifted into my happy space as I could hear through the laughter ringing from the dinning room everyone else was in theirs. Main course over with an accompanied dose of gratitude for the delicious food. Time for my TA_DA moment ….Pudding!

And so I had no further a doo than retreive the pudding A truly spendid creation indeed! As I entered the larder my stomach filled with dread…. There before me was my silver with mere crumbs of what once was my glory. I looked again not fully beleiving my eyes-my worst nightmare was right before me,2 sad profiteroles lay strewn on the floor. From the corner of my eye my shadow loomed as  Archies eyes met mine ….  

My eyes begun to glaze only adding to my inabilty to see the TRUTH. WE were literally caught in action!!! What was I to do with a table full of guests let alone ARCHIE… Not one to run away from a challenge I picked up the remaining profiteroles &placed them on the dishrevveled silver & proceded to the dinning room! what else was I supposed to do (they already knew what was for pudding ) This time however I became very aware I was now flying solo & no longer had my shadow of safety.(ARCHIE) And sooooo I assumed my ever graceful stance at the helm of the table adorned in my finery  complete with perils & lipstick to boot clutchimg in my sweaty palm the silver and reamimg offerings of pudding!!!

I gazed down the table, my ever present smile had vanished as I shared eye contact with each individual guest there was SILENCE I think my glazed eyes came back to haunt me at this point but KNEW the show must go on…. I then proceeded to call in my assistant ARCHIE to help explain the situation,after all we were a TEAM! Archie with head bowed entered the silent dinning  room and once more took his position by my side. LIFE IS BETTER WHEN SHARED. One of the guests broke the silence by uttering the words “are you okay Elaine”, Yes Thank you I replied…. Berries and ice cream anyone as my rather shamful smile resumed…..

Archies wonderful owners hastily escorted him out & where he was bannished outside to spend the night considering his actions & Dealing with the consequences. Dogs and chocolate are not a recipe for success & if I am honest my concern on this ocassion was not with my guests but more so for my dear pal Archie. And so the story ends happily with all characters  remaning   friends ….

Till we meet again  

I love you Archie 

Elaine x 

( your faithful profiterole pal)